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The Man who Knew too Much

"Neues Europa"

A Review

By Thomas Dunskus

Published: 2004-02-01


Rudolf Hess in 1974

Rudolf Hess in Spandau Prison, Berlin 1974

More than half a century ago, in May of 1941, during a conflict that soon widened into the Second World War, at a time when most people now alive were not yet born, a man flew unescorted from Augsburg in Germany to the Scottish highlands in an unarmed Messerschmitt 110 twin-engine plane which he piloted himself. The plane had been specially prepared for this mission by the installation of drop-tanks under the wings and various other modifications. He expected to be received at his destination by a number of very high-ranking British politicians prepared, he thought, to discuss a possible peace deal between Great Britain and Germany. When he discovered that no landing preparations had been made for him, he bailed out of his aircraft and was soon taken prisoner.

The man’s name…

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